Why Sleep is Important for your Cardiovascular Health

Sleep is very vital for keeping your heart healthy. People who don’t sleep much are at a greater risk for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep is important if you want to reduce the likeliness of these conditions. Having a bad sleeping pattern can also affect your blood pressure as sleeping under 5 hours a night can increase your blood pressure but sleeping 8 hours can help to keep your blood pressure at a regular level. So, if you are struggling to sleep at night then follow these useful tips.

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It may seem obvious but keeping regular sleeping hours can help as it programmes the brain and your body clock to get used to a set time. It is important that you try and wake up at the same time everyday due to the fact that catching up on sleep on a regular basis can affect and disrupt your sleep routine. Stress can affect how you are sleeping so try ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life, whether it be going for a walk or doing an activity you enjoy, take some time for yourself and relax.

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Making sure you wind down before you go to bed is vital to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, there are many ways to help you to relax. You can take a warm bath to help your body to reach a temperature that is ideal for resting, relaxation CDs work by using sounds and music that help to relax you. Trying yoga as it is a relaxation exercise as it can help to relax the muscles, ensure that you don’t do this vigorously though as it will have the complete opposite effect on you. Also try writing a “to do list” as you may be stressed about what you have to do the next day and worried that you may forget so by writing it down it can clear your mind of any distractions or thoughts that are going off in your mind.

Avoid using smartphones or tablets for around an hour before you go to bed as the light from these screens can have a negative effect on how you sleep. Try reading a book instead as it can distract your mind and you can forget about social media as that can be having a negative impact on your mind and how you sleep. Making your bedroom sleep friendly is important so try to avoid using bright lights, ensure you have thick curtains, so you won’t be awoken early by the sun. Also having a good and comfortable mattress is very important as the more comfortable you are the more relaxed and calm you become. If you need any more help, then visit the NHS website on more advice. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/sleep-and-tiredness/how-to-get-to-sleep/