Tips to Eat Well for Less

You don’t have to spend lots of money to have a healthy, balanced diet. Eating healthy does not have to cost more, try out these tips to help save money.

Waste Nothing

On average a family will throw away £60 worth of food every month, ensure you are strict about what you buy and that you know you will actually eat the food. Plan your meals every week so you can buy the ingredients you need, freeze any unused food.

Try Cheaper Brands

Big brands are usually expensive, so by buying the home brands it can make your shop cheaper. There’s always not much difference between value and premium brands so this can significantly cut your weekly shop down.

Eat More Veg

By trying a few vegetarian dishes a week, or just adding plenty of vegetables to your cooking can make meals go longer. Meat and fish can be expensive to buy, so by not having it for a few days can save you some money. Try joining in on meat-free Monday which thousands of other people do to.

Buy Frozen

Frozen fruit and vegetables are not looked at as much as they should be. They come pre-chopped, ready to use, are just as good for you, and are often cheaper than other varities. Try to avoid packs with added sugar, salt, or fat. Frozen vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness and frozen to help seal in the nutrients. Also if you buy bread, then you know it can get wasted. So reduce waste by freezing bread.

Cut Down on Luxuries

If when you go shopping, you buy fizzy drinks, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, cakes, snack bars, try cutting down on these non-essential items. Many of these are high in fat and sugar, so you’ll be helping your health and your pockets. Think about cheaper alternatives such as fruit, water, fruit juice, nuts, or seeds.