The importance of stopping smoking and support during COVID-19

You may be finding it hard to stop smoking within this pandemic however it is important that you try your best to do so. Whilst being stuck in the house you might be tempted to have more cigarettes it is important that you know how much of a risk it can have on you during this period of time.

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It has been reported by a leading expert that smokers are at an increased risk of more severe COVID-19, compared to non-smokers. By trying to quit or cut down would be a particularly good time to do so now whilst being isolated.

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If you have been cutting down and are thinking of having a cigarette the pharmacies are still open so that you can go get cigarette patches, these are a great way to try and cut down. The government have advised to only go to the shop for essentials such as food; this should help as you will not be going to the shop as often, therefore you will not be tempted to buy cigarettes.

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If you still need any help with advice on how to quit or cut down smoking whilst in isolation, Smoking Cessation is still offering their services over the phone. Please see the link below: