Sports for you and a friend to try during lockdown

Now that we can meet up again and exercise outside whilst maintaining a social distance it’s a good opportunity to meet with a friend to exercise together. Exercising together is motivating and helps you to reach the government guideline of 150 minutes a week. Take a look at the following exercises you could do with a friend.


All three can be done with a safe 2m distance between yourself and a friend. Walking, jogging and running have many health benefits, as long as you are increasing your heart rate and starting to sweat this can be counted towards the 150 minutes. It’s a great way to see some lovely sights and to catch up with your friends too so is good for your mental wellbeing as well as physical. Try to avoid busy places like beaches and beauty spots as this makes it more difficult to maintain the social distance.


You may be lucky enough to have a local tennis court but if not can be done in an open space such as a local field, tennis is a great fun way to increase your heartrate. It’s much easier to keep your social distance, remember to only use your own racquet or hand sanitize if using a friends to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. Playing for a minimum of 20 minutes a day will help to contribute to your 150 minutes.


You and your friends or family could make most of the extra time and take a bike ride together. Being on bikes will help to keep your distance but you could still communicate whilst out. When out on bikes you can see many different areas, explore streets and local villages that you haven’t been to before and give your legs a great workout. Remember to wear your helmet!


Although we can’t get too close and tackle for the ball you could still play pass with a ball or dribble the football so that you are working your heart muscle and increasing your activity levels. Playing football with your children or grandchildren would be fun and it also ensures they are keeping active too.