Reasons why you might be tired

Tiredness can be a common problem for millions of people but there can be different reasons why you are tired. Most of us need around 8 hours of sleep a night to function properly. Some may need more or less but ensuring you are getting enough sleep is a great place to start. Sleep deprivation can have consequences on your physical health, make sure to take enough time in your day to get a good amount of sleep.

Not Moving:

One reason as to why you might be tired is because you are not moving about. Sitting in one position for long periods of time can use energy. Even if you are sitting at the computer or watching television on your sofa. Your body equates the stillness of sitting/lying down with sleep. To avoid this try stretching often, getting up and walking away from your computer or television can help to keep you alert. If you are still tired then try filling these breaks up with exercise. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise at first but exercise can help you to feel more awake and has been proven to improve your mood.

Crash Diets:

Trying to lose weight but going about it the wrong way such as a crash diet can make you tired. These diets are no good for your health. Loosing weight can boost your energy but if you are on a crazy diet which more often than not contain very few calories it can cause you to feel even more tired and could cause nutritional deficiencies. With some diets you may end up cutting out healthier foods and replacing them. Try cutting out sugary snacks and reducing portion size. This will help with exercise as well due to you keeping your energy.

Energy Drinks:

Many people skip breakfast and have an energy drink instead, however theses drinks are high in caffeine and sometimes sugar. These drinks can give you an energy boost, but it is short lived and not a natural source of energy that you gain from other foods and exercise. Too much caffeine can: make you feel wound up, make you irritable, stop you sleeping and increase blood pressure. Drinking water is much better for your body and can help you if you are feeling dehydrated. There are some other reasons as to why you might be tired. If you need more advice on what to do check out the NHS website.