Pre-sleep breathing technique

You may struggle to turn off as day turns to night, making the shift from active and on-the-go to passive and ready for rest can be a challenge. It is important that we ensure we do switch off from the world. Too much stimulus from technology, coffee, conversation, and that ‘relaxing’ glass of wine can make us feel wired as well as tired.

If you’re lying in bed struggling to sleep, then try these easy 3 steps of yogic breathing technique to calm your nervous system.

1. Sit in either a comfy cross legged posture, or if you’re already under the duvet, simply bend your legs, take your feet hip distance apart and allow your knees to touch. Rest your hands onto your belly.

2. Inhaling through your nose, take a deep breath into your chest, filling the lungs. As you exhale, part your lips a tiny sliver and release your breath slowly and steadily.

3. Inhale again, deep into the lungs; and again breath out through a thin crack in your lips.

This technique is called Golden Thread Breath because it’s like blowing a golden thread from your lips gently into the distance. You can even visualise that thread spinning out and away into the air around you, for as long as the breath will comfortably carry it.

Repeat up to ten times and then return to your normal breath. Observe any differences you feel. With your mind calm and relaxed, sleep will surely follow.