New Spanish Holiday Quarantine Rules

The government announced on Saturday that people who are arriving in the UK coming from Spain and its islands must self-isolate for two weeks. This has come in place due to the fact that 2,255 Covid-19 cases were reported across the country on Friday. It has been advised that all non-essential travel to the country should not go ahead.

People who are already over in Spain will not be forced to come home. People who have upcoming holidays with TUI to Spain over the next two weeks will have had their holiday cancelled, some companies may not follow suit so you may still have to travel to Spain but isolate when you get back. Ensure to follow the rules to stay safe, protect your health and other people’s health.

Individuals must not go out to work, to school, or public areas, they also cannot have visitors unless it is for essential support. Working when getting back will have to be done from home unless they are on the quarantine exception list. It is said that unless employees are ill, then it is unlikely that they will quality for statutory sick pay.

What to do whilst in self-isolation:

  • You can still keep in contact with people by video calling them
  • Use an adult colouring book, they are a great way to relax and pass the spare time you have
  • Watch films or a new series as it is a great entertainment escape
  • Exercise at home, there are thousands of workouts online
  • Try cooking some new, healthy dishes
  • Take regular phone breaks, being on your phone all time isn’t good for your health
  • Declutter your home, having a good clear out is a good way to spend your time
  • Reorganise your furniture, if you have wanted to change your room about for a while then this is the time to do it
  • Start reading a new book
  • Have a quiz night with your friends (over video call)
  • Start a jigsaw puzzle, it can occupy you for a long time
  • Do a spot of gardening
  • Upcycle old furniture
  • Baking can be a great way, there are hundreds of recipes on the internet
  • Learn a language

These are just a few of a long list of activities you can do to help keep you from becoming bored during self-isolation. Keeping moving is important for your body, we need to exercise for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week so definitely trying home workouts is a great idea. Also another important tip is to stay away from watching too much television or spending too much time on your phone as it can reduce the amount of sleep you are having. If you need more information on the Spanish quarantine rules then click on this link.