Meeting people from 4th July 2020

As you may know the government guidelines will be changing from the 4th of July but you may not know what the exact guidelines mean. The government has recognised how difficult this time has been for people especially not being able to see their friends or family in the recent months. At all times when following these guidelines it is important to remember that social distancing should be in place.

From 4th July you can:

  • only gather indoors in groups of no more than two households (including your support bubble) – this includes when dining out or going to the pub
  • only gather outdoors in either a group of up to 6 people from different households or up to two households
  • Only gather in large groups (maximum 30 people) for life events such as weddings
  • You and members of your household or support bubble are able to stay overnight in groups of up to 2 households
  • Exercise of play sport outdoors with members of two households or in groups of six people
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To minimise the risk of infection you should:

  • Never visit another household or let people visit yours if you have symptoms
  • Ensure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds wherever possible and when you get home
  • Try to avoid sharing food and drinks with each other, ensuring plates, glasses and utensils are thoroughly cleaned
  • Not share garden equipment or sports equipment because of the risk of transmission
  • Try to avoid using public transport when possible
  • If using someone’s toilet try to avoid touching surfaces, wash your hands thoroughly and wipe down surfaces

What is a support bubble?

In England if you live by yourself or are a single parent then you are able to form a support bubble which means you can have close contact with one other household of any size. You should not change who is in your support bubble, this is critical to keeping everybody as safe as possible. You can have close physical contact with members of your support bubble if you want to, you don’t need to be socially distant from them, however good hygiene and other measures can help keep you safe. From 6th July vulnerable people (shielding) who are in a single adult household can also form a support bubble. The support bubble is a great way to help people who during this time have been particularly lonely or isolated and can help provide extra support of those most impacted by the current restrictions.