How Work Can Affect Your Mental Health

Many people find going to work is good for their mental health. It can help you look after your mental health by providing:

  • a source of income
  • a sense of identity
  • new relationships
  • contact and friendship with others
  • a steady routine and structure
  • achievement opportunities
  • confidence

However some people’s mental health may be worsening due to work, this could be because of:

  • workplace stress
  • the level of difficulty of your work
  • being treated unfairly
  • being discriminated against
  • being unsure whether to tell your boss and colleagues about your mental health problem
  • worrying about returning to work after a period of poor mental health
  • poor relationships with co-workers
  • being in a demanding job

If work is affecting your mental health then there are some steps to take to help. You can ask your employer for time off, for less work, try relaxing once in a while, try exercising, put yourself first. If you need more advice visit this website.

If you are unemployed but wanting to find a new job then there are some organisations that can support you. Your local Jobcentre Plus can support your in finding a new job, Shaw Trust and Remploy help work with people who have mental health problems, and Rethink Mental Illness which can find organisations that can help you into work.

Getting the support you need can help you a lot, these contacts can be very useful.