How to Stay Active Throughout the Day

It can be difficult to stay active and keep motivated throughout the day, especially if you are working as you may come home from work feeling tired. Or if it is a weekend you may just not be motivated, so here are some tips on how to stay active throughout the day.

Exercise at your desk:

If you’re working in an office, it can be difficult as you stay sat down for the majority of the time. So try some exercises to help keep you moving. You can do a lower body stretch, leg planks, shoulder raises, foot drill, back twists, chair dips, and many more which are available on the internet to look at. If you’re wanting to go a step further then you can buy a pedal machine for under your desk so you can keep active whilst working. Also on your break try going for a fifteen minute walk to get you up and moving.

Hydrate often:

Offices can tend to be dry and stuffy so staying hydrated all day can help you to feel less tired. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water today, invest in a water bottle and keep it next to you all day so you don’t forget to drink your water.

Make exercise fun:

Sometimes you can dread doing exercise as it can be boring, so make it fun. Involve friends, try new routines, use a skipping rope, use a hula hoop, create a new workout playlist to get you motivated. Buy some new workout clothes so that you want to workout. Pick an activity that appeals to you, remember everybody is different so if something doesn’t work for you then don’t worry, there are many ways in which you can exercise.

Involve the family in keeping fit:

Arrange outings that are fun for the whole family, it can be just walking the dog, going for a hike, rowing, swimming, or anything that you can enjoy together. You can try many different activities that you wouldn’t normally do, it can be great to go on a weekend for an adventure.

Do home workouts:

Home workouts have become increasingly popular due to the global pandemic that is happening and gyms may still not be open in your area. So doing a twenty-minute workout a day can be great for your health, you don’t need to have an specialist equipment, you can utilise tools at home. They are free and there are thousands of them online that you can follow so you can find the best workout to suit you.