How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden

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Staying at home may be becoming difficult for some of you so utilise the things you have at home such as your garden and give it some love. You may usually be too busy to look after it but now with ample amounts of free time then you can get your creative juices flowing. It can help to keep you occupied and take your mind off of the other things that are currently happening to help you become more relaxed. As the weather is getting better why not dust off the mower and start mowing so you can enjoy the sunshine at the same time!

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Gardening can be classed as exercise so ensuring that you are getting your heart pumping and working is essential so why not rake the lawn by getting those weeds and dead grass out. There are many places where you can get seeds from online so you don’t have to go out and buy some, planting seeds can also be a fun activity with the kids. Why not spring clean the terrace, you can use a power washer or if you don’t have one then a good scrub with the brush can do it. It can help you get in your 20 minutes of exercise!

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Why not create a “bird café”, if you have room in your garden whether it be a big space or small, you can always find a way to help wildlife so why not create a place for them to have a rest. You can either build your own bird box or bird bath or you can order one offline. You can even make your own bird food, so it saves you spending a lot of money on it when it can easily be homemade. The food that you can give to birds includes: fruit, apples and berries are good choices just ensuring that they are either grated or cut in half, also you can use dried fruit but soak them overnight. Peanut butter is another type of food birds enjoy but stick to the no salt ones, organic is ideal and sunflower seeds are very nutritious and the birds love them. If you are feeling more creative then you can create your own wild bird food cake, just follow this link.

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You can grow many varieties of plants in your garden, so as the summer is coming why not grow some colourful ones to brighten up your garden. Also, you can hang some garden lights between trees or on the fence so you can enjoy them, there are lots of eco-friendly solar lights online and are not that expensive. Lastly if the kids are still bored then the RSPB have an activity where you can build a bug hotel and it gives you all the instructions on their website, also once you and the kids have completed it they can get a badge for doing it. Follow this link for more information.