How to make a face mask

There’s been a lot of conversations around face masks being used to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. It isn’t advised that we wear face coverings all day, however the UK government does suggest that we wear them in places where social distancing isn’t possible. Such as on public transport or when in a supermarket. Whilst this advice is in place we’ve put together a few methods below for making our own face coverings.

You still need to stick to the same hygienic methods to prevent the spread.

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before putting on the mask and removing the mask.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth at all time.
  • Store the used face covering in a plastic bag until it is washed after use. 
  • Wash the face covering regularly, it can go in with the normal laundry washed in the same way.

Bandana Method

You can use a bandana or handkerchief, therefore you can choose any styled material you’d like, you could have a range of colours or patterns for each day of the week if you’d like.

T-shirt method

Cut up an unused t-shirt to design your face mask.

Sewing a Face Mask

This one requires some sewing, either by hand or a machine.

Hope you find these ways helpful on how to keep yourself safe during this period of time.