How activity can be beneficial for your cardiovascular health during the covid – 19 pandemic

Activity can be difficult to fit in during this time, however there are ways in which you can still get the required amount. The government now have declared that 1 hour a day is allocated to go outside to do a form of exercise, examples of exercise can be cycling, jogging or running. A brisk walk is another example and can be very beneficial by just upping the pace of your normal walk can help to get your heart pumping and working.

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Sitting down and laying down will be a big part of the duration of this pandemic so it is important to break up this time with activity, there are hundreds of videos online to do either light, moderate or vigorous activity at home. By following these you can still get the required weekly amount of either 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity.

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Activity for adults age 65 and over, it is good for your cardiovascular health to still exercise daily, any type of activity is good for you. Light activity can include making a cup of tea, vacuuming or making the bed. Moderate or vigorous activity may be difficult for some, aerobics and yoga are forms of exercise and you can follow many tutorials online.

Videos of various types of exercise are shown and can easily be followed to help you remain active whilst at home.

All age groups should be doing some form of exercise during this outbreak, it can help with your mind and body, there is more information on the NHS website if you require it.