How a Healthy diet helps to look after your Cardiovascular Health especially during COVID-19

Keeping healthy whilst being isolated can be difficult.

You may be eating more because you are at home, it may be easier for you to access food whilst being at home, often this may be convenience food such as a bag of crisps, or sweets. You may also be binge eating because you are bored, but it is important to be able to notice what you are consuming and how to keep a healthy diet.


You need to be able to maintain a healthy diet otherwise it can impact massively on your health for example your cholesterol. A diet containing high saturated fat will build up your bad cholesterol which can potentially fur the arteries. Good Cholesterol balances this and cleans the bad from the arteries, good cholesterol can be increased through your 5 a day. Therefore, it’s important to eat 5 portion of fruit or veg each day.


A good way to control your diet is by creating a plan for the week, by organising what meals you have each night for the week helps you stick to a healthy diet. Also avoiding sugary and unhealthy foods whilst shopping will mean they won’t be in the kitchen to binge on. Sticking to a normal schedule is important; this means whatever times during the day you would usually eat stick to that the best you can.


Whilst you have the time make the most of healthy home cooked meals containing lots of veg. Please see the link for more help on healthy eating during this period of time.

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