Healthy Ways to Use Social Media

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Spending too much time on social media can be bad for your health however there are ways in which you can use it to help you. It is often criticised for making people less active and more isolated but new technologies can help us learn new skills, connect with others, and provide motivation. If you are on social media, then there are healthy ways to use it and benefit you here are some examples of how to positively use it.

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Firstly, as almost everyone is on Facebook then you can use it in a good way, there are hundreds of support groups on Facebook where people who are from different backgrounds come together where they have something in common, whether it be trying to loose weight, cut back on alcohol or anything you would like. You can search keywords to find groups and find the best one for you, you can keep in contact with people and update them on what is happening or you can provide advice for others. Publicly sharing your goal can help keep you more motivated towards reaching your goal. Likewise, Instagram is be perceived as a negative platform however it can be very positive and uplifting as you can share your progress such as your fitness journey and when you look back you can see the difference in your photos. Also, there’s a huge community on there and people with many different intrests.

Next, if you are looking for different ways to work out then there are many apps you can look at such as: YouTube, TikTok, Fiit, Instagram and many more. These videos can range from quick 60 second videos to a full 40-minute video, so you can choose your preference.  You can also track your fitness through fitness trackers, the most popular ones are Fit Bit’s or Apple Watches where they can track the distance you’ve travelled, how many calories you have burned and heart rate monitoring. However if you don’t want to pay for one if these then you can use apps such as Strava which can track your run or ride for free and you can set goals and targets on there so you can see what you need to achieve.

Finally, having a pinboard can be like having a virtual corkboard to stick your ideas and pictures on to inspire you, these can be made on Pinterest. You can pin anything on your corkboard such as recipes, workout inspiration or even fashion inspiration. Based on your searches on there new ideas will be sent to your inbox which can help to keep you inspired and motivated. If you want to make a new dish but are unsure how to make it then YouTube have many cooking videos that you can follow easily. These can be nutritious meals and you some can tell you the amount of calories in them, you can keep track of calories if you are trying to lose weight on MyFitnessPal which is a great app that tells you the nutritional information of products you eat. Hopefully you have some ideas on how to use social media positively now so enjoy!