Fun Exercises to do at home

Exercising whilst being stuck at home may be hard. Finding a certain exercise routine with limited resources can be difficult to find. You may not have the urge to workout however you need to remember it is important to do exercise. Finding an exercise you enjoy makes it much easier. This blog will give you ideas on how to get your 30 minutes of exercise each day without it being boring.

Dance party

With clubs and bars being closed it has probably been a while since you’ve danced to your favourite music. Let your hair down. Draw the curtains if you’ve got particularly nosy neighbours, pump some beats, and get moving. It’ll only take about eight songs for you to get your 30 minutes in, so make sure you put loads of effort into your dancing and you choose your best bangers to get your heart beat up!

Best Dance Workout Videos on YouTube - PureWow

Hula hoop

Hula hooping was a bit of fun as a kid, but as an adult it can be a serious workout. Grab a hoop and work those abs! You can even buy weighted hoops now therefore an higher impact workout.

Deep clean

Did you know that by having a deep clean of your house can be a good way to get your heart racing? Pick a job that is likely to get you out of breath for example hoovering or even gardening just make sure you get moving!

Doing housework could substantially lower risk of 'early death ...

If you are wanting some more active routines take a look on the NHS website to find some 10 minute workout ideas that will definitely get your heart racing!

P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach

Are you wanting a fun exercise routine? Every morning at 9am Joe Wickes does a live workout called PE with Joe Wickes. He does different activities for 30 minutes and I can tell you it definitely does get your heart rate going. Not only is it fun, most importantly, it’s good for you as well! If you have missed any he uploads them on youtube follow the link to check them out.

Make sure you try these out and keep up with doing your exercise. Remember its good for your health and your heart!