Exercises To Do With Dogs

If you are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, then you may have been spending a lot of time with your dog and they will sure be happy about that. By doing exercise with them it can help to keep you healthy as well as your dog, it can help keep you motivated as you need to do exercise at least 5 times a week. Exercise is one of a dog’s essential needs, they should get around 2 hours of exercise a day, it may need more or less depending on their age and breed.  There are many activities you can do with your dog whilst exercising at the same time.

Walking & Running:

Walking the classic form of exercise that we give to our dogs which is great because most dogs love to walk. It is a great way for your dog to explore with their nose, let your dog take their time to sniff around and try changing up your route every now and then so that they can discover new surroundings. Running is a great form of exercise for dogs however, not all dogs can tolerate this exercise. When you first begin running with your dog make sure to start slow, then build your speed up and to longer distances. Avoid running long distances in hot temperatures as it can dehydrate you and your dog, bring plenty of water and takes breaks as and when needed.

woman walking dog

Cycling & Hiking:

Not every single dog is built for running alongside you whilst you cycle, riding a bike with your dog can be fun if you do it right. The most important thing is to start slowly so your dog can get used to the bike, then next let your dog get used to running and keeping up with you. Your dog should be on a lead so you may want to find a good bike attachment for your pets safety. Hiking gives you a greater chance of exploring the outdoors rather than just having a simple walk. When you first begin start with shorter hikes on cooler days, avoid difficult trails or any rough ground until your dog gets used to moderate hikes.

Swimming & Games

Not all dogs know how to swim, or some just don’t like it but if you have a water dog them you will know about it! You can incorporate the game of fetch into swimming to make it fun for them. If your dog is unsure of the water but wants to try it then why not buy them a doggie lifejacket, this can help them to keep afloat if the struggle at all and keep them in shallow water when starting out. Games have been something that dogs have always enjoyed, there are many fun games you can play. Tug of war can be fun, fetch and hide and seek as they can provide your dog and you with light, moderate exercise. You can create an agility course at home for your dog to enjoy as it can teach them new tricks but also test their mental ability.