Alcohol and your body!

Alcohol has a huge impact on your cardiovascular health and the body. Below we have highlighted just a few problems that alcohol can cause. However, alcohol has many more effects on the body. For example on your stomach, liver and heart. It can cause erectile dysfunction and overtime harm fertility, increase blood pressure which leads to strokes, heart attacks and kidney disease. It can also increase your risk of at least 7 types of cancers and also affects your appearance through your skin, eyes, weight gain and odour. For more information visit

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Alcohol and Sleep

Alcohol can make you feel more tired and sluggish, due to the effect it has on your sleep. Often people may talk about how alcohol helps them to sleep. However, drinking more than 6 units in one night can lead you into a deep sleep, meaning less time in the REM stage of sleep, which is the type of sleep our bodies need as it is a restorative stage of sleep. Drinking more alcohol than usual will also mean you may need to get up more often through the night to use the toilet. Alcohol is a diuretic which means your body is encouraged to lose the extra fluid through sweat which leads to dehydration. 

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Alcohol and Sugar

Alcoholic drinks account for 10% of 29-64-year olds daily intake of sugar and 6% of daily intake for over 65’s. One pint of cider can contain as many as 5 teaspoons of sugar. This is almost as much as WHO recommend you do not exceed in one day. Sugar is very high in calories so too much alcohol can lead to unhealthy weight gain, cutting down can be a great way to lose some weight if your BMI is over 25. Being overweight can lead to long term health problems which can also include life threatening problems such as Heart Disease. High sugar diets can also lead to Type 2 diabetes, and sugar is also the main cause of tooth decay. 

Alcohol and Mental Health 

Regular heavy drinking interferes with the chemicals in the brain which are vital for good mental health. So, although at the time you may feel more relaxed, over a period of time these interferences can contribute towards feelings of depression, anxiety and can make stress harder to deal with. There are also strong associations with drinking heavily and suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and death from suicide. If you are experiencing feelings of distress, including those that could lead to suicide then Samaritans can provide emotional support 24hours a day, which is confidential and non-judgemental service.

Alcohol and mental health