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How to deal with loneliness Posted on 15 Feb 2021

It is important for your mental health to keep in contact with others. You may be struggling with feeling lonely at this period of time. With us being in isolation you may be finding it hard to keep in contact with people, this blog will give you ideas on how to overcome loneliness.

Try using video calling platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Messenger and WhatsApp to video call you family and friends. Even though you are seeing each other through a screen it can help you feel like you are together and not as lonely. You could even try eating a meal together so it feels like you are out together. These video calling platforms all allow more than one person so why not try organise a quiz night. Not only does this past time it also takes your mind off of being lonely.

Try making a list of family and friends you haven’t spoken to for a while. Allocate a day of each week to ring different people, you can tell them how you’ve been feeling. This can also pass a few hours of the day.

Sticking to a schedule can also help you to overcome loneliness, try keeping your mind busy by trying new recipes (take a look at our other blogs for healthy recipes you can try), make sure you are keeping up with your exercise, remember we can go on one walk a day by having some fresh air can take your mind off any stress or anxiety you may have. By having a ‘normal’ routine can almost feel like normal and can take your mind off of the fact we are in isolation.

Join online forums or groups so that you can connect with others. Try making new friends and discussing things you have in common.

Remember it is important to look after yourself and your mental health, by doing these few things can help you during this hard period of time.