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Tips on How to Relax Posted on 16 Feb 2021

You may think that relaxing is a waste of time, but you need it in your life to give yourself a break. Exploring relaxation can help you to look after yourself if you are feeling stressed or worried, some ideas may and may not work for you it is about finding what is the best for you. Relaxing can help you think more clearer, your emotions can become more levelled out and your body will thank you for it!

Relaxation doesn’t have to take up a huge part of your day, stepping away from something stressful for a few minutes can give you time to feel calmer and just take some time away from your normal routine or thoughts can give you the space that you need. It can be as simple as running yourself a bath, watching a film, putting a face mask on or reading a book. Giving yourself a few minutes to yourself can help to keep you relaxed. Or if that isn’t your thing then try active relaxation, sitting still may come to mind if you think about relaxing but taking a walk and going at your own pace or doing yoga can help you to feel relaxed whether its for a long period of time or just a quick walk, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Getting creative can help you feel calmer and more relaxed, no matter whether you are artistic or not there are plenty of things to do. You can try, painting, sewing, baking, knitting, playing a musical instrument, learning a new language, or making crafts. There is a wide variety of activities to do, if you feel like don’t want to do them then maybe try colouring, relaxing colouring books are available in most shops and if you spend just 15 minutes a day doing this it can help take your mind off other worries you may have. Also don’t worry about finishing the product, just focus on enjoying yourself, you have plenty of time to finish it.

Spending time in nature is always rewarding as sometimes you can forget how beautiful scenery can be, being outside can improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Take a walk in the countryside, taking time to notice the flowers, wildlife, and plants along the way. Being outside can help you to spend time away from technology, taking time away from your phone can be great for helping you to relax. Conservation is also a great idea, such as digging your garden and planting flowers and again it can turn you away from watching television as technology can contribute to you feeling stressed and busy. There are more ideas to help you relax on the Mind website which is great for if you need any extra support.